About Us



Kendra is in her early 30s working at a non-profit in the District of Columbia.  She has previously worked on political campaigns and for the federal government.  She and her husband, Bob, met 9 years ago on their first campaign and got married 4 years ago.  They live in NE DC and have a hectic household of 1 dog, 2 cats and at least one foster animal in the mix.  Kendra loves to read, cook, garden, and hang with animals (including people). 

Melissa is in her mid-30s and has worked in the corporate world for fifteen years. After a brief stint in DC, she returned to North Carolina where she met her husband Matt. They have been married for six years and have two children under the age of 5. No pets as of yet, but Melissa is easily tempted by animal cuteness. Melissa loves to read, attempt DIY crafts (successfully for the most part), binge-watch TV shows with her husband, and explore nature with the kids.

Matt is in his mid-30s and grew up in Western New York, prior to moving to NC fifteen years ago. With Melissa, they have two mostly perfect children under the age of 5 and an actually perfectly hectic household. Matt loves football, technology, video games (as well as other assorted geekery) and goofing off with his family.

Kendra, Melissa & Matt all love to give advice (solicited and otherwise) to their friends and family and now, to strangers. Need some advice? Fill out our FNA question form!