Episode 18 - "Safety is our top priority"

Hey ya'll - great to be in your ear holes again! In this especially wine soaked edition of FNA, we discuss what we did on our (latest) podcast vacation, read a letter from a listener managing concerns from their partner on a potential change of scenery. At one point the lights go out, Kendra reveals her morbid future plans and BONUS QUESTION. Please, sit back, relax and black out with us...

Episode 17 - "Free babysitting"

It's not you - it's us. We're back, bitches! After an extended absence we're really trying to get our shit together and thus we present you with the following episode recorded a few months back. Thank you for your patience (or forgetting this was a thing you listened to). This episode that time forgot features questions about moving and relationships - along with a surprise We're Judging You segment. We'll never leave you like that again - we promise.* (*Not an actual promise) Mwah.

Episode 16 - "I will never trust you again"

After an inexplicable hiatus (chock full of sickness, job changes and assorted chicanery) we're back! In this episode, the heathens have taken ill, and we answer questions about reconnecting with a former flirtation and dating a doormat dad (and his kids). Conversation devolves into parenting philosophies, movie theater strategery and other nonsense. Good to be back! Please continue to send your questions via FridayNightAdvice.com - bye ya'll.

Show Notes:

Episode 15 - "Fill your void with cake"

Holy schnikes - we've got a special guest ya'll! Kendra's BFFFF Macey joins the FNA gang for some a dating related question for a recent divorcé looking for some play (she's out of her element, Donnie). Come for the advice, stay for the pathetic pleas for sponsorship. Also, everything you believe about podcasting is a lie. 

Episode 14 - "14% more likely to own a cat"

The gang is back to their usual shenanigans. Questions include how to stay busy and use time well when starting a new job, and about the mystery of a baby daddy's secret origin and it's affect on a potentially hormone laden spouse. If you've ever lusted after listening to someone read their 23 And Me profile, well you're going to lose your mind on this one. Everyone else: you'll also likely lose your mind, but in the other way. It's a win win.

Episode 13 - "You think I suck? I agree."

"We're back, bitches!"

"Well that's sort of rude..."

"What's it to you? No one reads this shit anyways..."

"Ok. Great attitude. And it's been what - three weeks without an episode? What the hell have you been doing?"


"Ok McConaughey... So anyways, what's this episode about?"

"Revisiting New Years resolutions primarily and then the usual nonsense. Kendra's are inspiring, Matt promises to resist positivity and Melissa's getting crafty...who listens to this shit anyway?"

"I honestly do not know."

Episode 12 - "But I brought a dog bed"

Tonight's episode brings season one to a close. Kendra updates us on her on-going work/life balancing act, the gang answers a question about caring for an aging parent, and a listener shares  an article on royal etiquette inspiring some...unique takes. Fun fact: Kendra carries a dog bed sometimes. Happy Friday and happy holidays - see you in 2018, bitches. XOXO

Episode 11 - "Funeral jams"

Yeah, it's Saturday Night, not Friday - but you know what, life's hard. In this episode, topics discussed include what is the best size of box for a corpse, dealing with co-workers who besides being annoying take credit for others' work, and a new Dad's first Christmas chock full of in-law drama. Hold onto your beanies - Kendra is trigger happy, Melissa is the master of the transition and Matt's gassy.

Celery Related Show Notes:

  • Matt's Pro Tip for cooking celery in soups: Cook the whole stalk to get out what limited flavor is present, then throw that motherfucking stalk out
  • Macey's Celery Casserole recipe


Episode 10 - "Funeral potatoes"

Unbutton your pants and take a load off as the gang recaps Thanksgiving. A question about work, life, and boss relationships is tackled - and we receive a listener update on a question from episode 8. Highlights include regional food, Massachusetts law, wedding memories and the sound of wine pouring. I'm ready for a nap.

Episode 9 - Origin Story

Sorry ya'll - this one's late. And yes, we can count, but this is...a very special episode. It occurred to us that we never explained the inception of this adorable little pod. So this is our Episode Zero or Nine. Or whatever. Along with our humble beginnings we talk about some of the best advice we've received and tell some tales. We'll be back with the usual format next week but we hope you enjoy this sidebar.

Show Notes:

Episode 8 - "A cornucopia of horrible judgement"

It's Friday Night. The crew gives advice on how to handle tough questions from (possibly inebriated) family members during the holidays, skepticism of a soon-to-be married friend's relationship, and when does a texting friendship with a married man cross the line into emotional cheating? Additional topics include "the Mom Test," what guys talk about and Landry. Again.

Show Notes:

Episode 7 - "I'll come back and play with you later"

This week, the gang discusses creepy guys harassing women at work, whether being a "cheatee" can actually lead to a successful relationship and the stress involved with going home for the holidays. Kendra gets cat called, Melissa gets cheated on and Matt gets flashed (not in the awesome way). Matt and Melissa disagree; D-I-V-O-R-C-E??? #friendsgiving

Show Notes:

Episode 6 - "Did you soy yourself?"

In the latest episode, the gang addresses listener submitted questions about a rude awakening on the bus, finding your place in a new neighborhood, and avoiding drama splitting checks when out in groups. Watch out - Kendra will steal your pets (yes, plural), Melissa is sitting on the front lawn drinking alone, and Matt describes the wonders of dining out in the not-so-big city. Oh - does anyone have an extra catheter?

Episode 5 - "Hey idiot"

In this spoiler-free episode, the gang gives advice on how to proceed in a romantic relationship with law school looming, and finding a sense of self after an intense relationship. Additional conversation on one of the worst things you can ask a woman, and we give Dear Abby props for once. Kendra does a solid Al Gore, Melissa tries to ruin "The Good Place" and Matt pokes holes in an apocalypse plan.

Episode 4 - "My entire nuclear family"

In a very special episode, Kendra, Melissa and Matt respond to listener questions about reconnecting romantically, an exhausted dad with kids dealing with divorce, and what to do with a toxic friendship. Also, in "We're Judging You," the gang takes aim at some revolting, homophobic hygiene issues that you will not soon forget. Go ahead and try... 

Episode 3 - "Go off birth control...see how that works"

Buckle up, nerds - episode three is all advice, all the time. Listeners write in about dealing with ignorant in-laws, spiffing up their smell-space and propositioning pals for praise. All that and one of the FNA gang reaches out for advice. Fuck it, we'll do it live.

Episode 2 - "We're all gonna die"

In our second episode, the gang answers listener questions about strengthening bonds with siblings, dating an occasional smoker, and party arrival decorum. Also - Kendra gets pissed and Melissa gives Dear Abby a piece of her mind. This episode is brought to you by #daddyissues, and early bedtimes. Clear eyes, full hearts, fuck you Netflix.

Episode 1 - "Really unprofessional"

In the premiere episode, the gang answers listener submitted questions about finding your identity as a parent and not appearing to be a "vile rapist" while walking late at night. Other topics include blatantly sleeping at work, and some hot takes on advice given by Dear Abby. Featuring special guest: a baby.